Mycoplasma Isolation from Clinical and Veterinary Samples

Innovation by Mycoplasma Experience Scientists has resulted in media which readily support the growth of fastidious mycoplasmas eg. M. hyopneumoniae and M. genitalium.

A wide range of mycoplasmas are cultured at Mycoplasma Experience and other species can be sought as required - for example, the acquisition of MAFF licences enable us to include the specified veterinary pathogens M. mycoides subsp. mycoides, M. mycoides subsp. capri, M. capricolum subsp. capripneumoniae and M. agalactiae.

Ureaplasma urealyticum, U. diversum, U. canigenitalium and ovine ureaplasmas can be isolated with our ureaplasma liquid and solid media

Examples of application and colonial appearance on Mycoplasma Experience solid media:-

Mycoplasma amphoriforme, a new species isolated at Mycoplasma Experience (Pitcher etal, 2005, IJ SEM 55p. 2589-2594)

Ureaplasma isolated from a joint - microscopic and macroscopic appearance.

M. meleagridis on avian medium

M. bovis diagnostic medium, microscopic and macroscopic appearance.

M. agalactiae diagnostic medium, microscopic and macroscopic appearance.

M. mycoides subsp. mycoides (SC) diagnostic medium, microscopic and macroscopic appearance.

M. capricolum subsp. capripneumoniae diagnostic medium, microscopic and macroscopic appearance.

A. laidlawii membrane detection medium, microscopic and macroscopic appearance.

All media lots used in the testing of a particular sample are inoculated with low numbers of low-passage strains of the species sought in the sample to confirm that the media, and cultural conditions, would be satisfactory to detect the target organisms.

Isolations are stored at 70C and typed where possible by specific antisera or can be referred for typing by molecular methods. In isolation surveys, limited biochemical testing is carried out to allow grouping of isolates prior to submission of representative strains to a reference centre for identification.

Samples originating outside the UK and EEC will require importation licences. Several such licences are already held and further applications to MAFF would be made without delay.

Within the UK sample transportation an integral part of the service and we would endeavour to extend this to samples from other countries. Pre-packaged containers will be delivered by courier (see packing directions for same day, wet ice or solid carbon dioxide (transportation) for return to our laboratories

This service extends from single samples to surveys with multiple samplings. Isolation work can be conveniently progressed directly to MIC testing - see Contract Research and Development

Mycoplasma Experience


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